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Welcome to Millania.

Bienvenido a Millania.

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Meet the Government

H.R.H. Rt. Hon. Nicolás Millán

Lord Chamberlain

Marketist Party

The Lord Chamberlain acts as a House Speaker, and arranges Conveniences of the Chamber of Peers. He also conducts voting within the Chamber.

Rt. Hon. Thomas Andersson

Chancellor of the Terataga


The Chancellor is the Head of Government of Millania, and is in charge of all administrative duties in Millania.

Rt. Hon. Jack Satterfield

Leader of the Opposition

Republican Party

The Leader of the Opposition is in charge of ensuring the Government is criticized, and ensures the opposition is heard.

Rt. Hon. Charlotte Baxter-Bray

Leader of Largest Third Party Faction


The Leader of Largest Third Party is responsible for ensuring that third parties are heard.


Check out the Heralda Pasabrilloía!




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please email: millaniagov.mg@gmail.com or fill out the following form:

Head Office

No. 3, 1st Avenue, Outer Regions, Pasabrillo, Seilung



To apply for a government job within Millania, please send a letter together with your resumé to: millaniagov.mg@gmail.com

Millanian Ministry of Culture - Tourism Office Building
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